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At The University of Texas at Austin

Neurobiology Laboratory - BIO365L at The University of Texas at Austin. I taught ten semesters of this course during my time at UT-Austing. This is an intensive laboratory course where students learn whole-cell patch clamp of hippocampal neurons in a brain slice preparation. The laboratory is equipped with five state-of-the art patch-clamp rigs. Three students are assigned to each rig where they perform assigned experiments, analyze the resulting data, and prepare written lab reports. The course content and experiments cover passive properties of neurons, synaptic transmission, and action potential generation.

At Florida International University

During seven years as an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at Florida International University, I taught a wide range of courses ranging from introductory courses with enrollments of 300 students to upper-division undergraduate courses and graduate-level courses.

Undergraduate Courses

  • Introduction to Psychology (5 semesters)
  • Introduction to the Experimental Analysis of Behavior (11)
  • Introduction to Biopsychology (5)
  • Research Methods (2)
  • Advanced Behavior Analysis Lecture/Lab (1)

Graduate Courses Taught

  • Biological Bases of Behavior (2 semesters)
  • Single-case Research Methods (2)
  • Theories of Learning (1)
  • History and Systems of Psychology (1)
  • Proseminar in Experimental Analysis of Behavior (1)


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